Check Our Our 3 Bedroom Siesta Key Beach Rentals | Rent Siesta Key (2023)

Check Our Our 3 Bedroom Siesta Key Beach Rentals | Rent Siesta Key (1)

You have chosen the perfect location for your next getaway: The powdery soft white sand beaches and crystal blue waters of Siesta Key are ready to embrace you. While choosing an ideal location is quite possibly the most important detail when planning the perfect vacation, we’d argue that choosing your Siesta Key 3-bedroom vacation rentalis a close second. This is where you need to be able to relax, to sleep in when you can finally turn off the alarm, where you can gather with your people and put your feet up. This is why we’ve assembled a fantastic selection of Siesta Key vacation home rentalsfor you to peruse. As it is with all important things, you’ll know when you find the one.

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Siesta Key 3-bedroom Vacation Rental

There is so much to do when it comes to exploring the barrier islands off the west coast of Florida! However you plan your adventure, rest assured that you will not run out of options of things to do when you stay in our 3 bedroom vacation home rentals in Siesta Key Florida.

Exploring by foot is always a favorite pastime, from walking barefoot on the white sandy beaches to leisurely strolling through the unique shops, restaurants, and museums scattered throughout the islands. Another favorite way to get around by foot is exploring some of Siesta Key’s most beautiful nature walks, such as The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is located in downtown Sarasota. This 15-acre campus is an urban oasis showing a living collection of rare and beautiful tropical plants on the waterfront of Sarasota Bay and Hudson Bayou. Best of all, with a cafe featuring gourmet food, coffee drinks, as well as beer and wine, you can enjoy your drinks and libations as you take in the sweet scents of the gardens, which is always a win/win. For the more extreme adventurer, Myakka River State Park is the home of 58 square miles of pure, untouched nature. With 39 miles of hiking trails, featuring loops of varying lengths, visitors can custom suit their nature walk to their own desires and abilities as they drink in the sights of varying landscapes.

If you’d rather explore this diverse area atop the water, you’re in luck! There are rental companies located all throughout the islands and mainland, making it easy for you to secure a mode of transportation. Go big or go home when you rent a full-size boat, perfect for fishing, water sports, or simply getting away from it all with your favorite group of people. For a slower pace, kayaks, paddle boards, and jet skis are always a fun option, especially when it comes to exploring the water canals, secret caves, and willowing mangroves. On the other hand, many visitors opt for a guided tour or charter so they don’t have to do any of the thinking but rather all of the fun-having. Sip a cocktail on a sunset cruise as you keep a lookout for dolphins, embark on a deep sea fishing adventure, or charter a boat for a private island party.

There are plenty of other ways to get around too. Be sure to take advantage of the free Siesta Key Breeze Trolley system. Whether you’re headed to beach or out to grab something to eat, this is a fun and easy way to get around. Visitors also love renting bikes, opting for an old-school beach cruiser or upgrading to an electric powered scooter.

Siesta Key 3 Bedroom Vacation Home Rentals to Relax In

Our 3-bedroom rentals provide the perfect home away from home. From the moment you step into the living rooms of our charming rentals, one of the things that can’t go unnoticed is the large windows. In addition to letting in plenty of natural light, they enable you to view the outdoor scenery easily. And there is more. These stunning areas are outfitted with luxurious furniture, such as sofas, armchairs, and center tables, to ensure you are relaxed throughout your stay. And since they are spacious, they are perfect for friends and family to gather and have a good time. And to ensure you stay connected, these rooms are fitted with complimentary Wi-Fi and flat-screen televisions. You can watch a movie, stay updated with the happenings worldwide, and chat with your loved ones back home.

However you decide to spend your days, you can rest easy that our Siesta Key beach rentals 3 bedroom will have everything you want and need. Wake up slow with a pot a freshly brewed coffee enjoyed at your leisure with the sound of crashing waves outside. Or maybe you’d rather rent a house along the canal, taking advantage of the easy access to the water while also enjoying the sparkling water views in the evening from the patio. On the other hand, some of our guests love choosing a central location with epic views from their condo patio, reaping the benefits of resort-style amenities and easy access to all the hot spots on the island.

No matter what type of rental you settle on, it will come tastefully designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. All of our kitchens come furnished with all the utensils required to cook to your hearts content, because if you decide to take advantage of the local farmer’s market and fresh seafood, we want you to be prepared. Even better, these culinary areas have big countertops making it possible for your companion to help prepare the meal if needed. On the other hand, if all the energy you have after a day in the sun is to walk to the fridge, pull out last night’s takeout, and press the start button on the microwave – that’s doable too.

When it is time to relish the well-prepared feast, heading to the dining area adjacent to the kitchen is a lovely idea. Since these spaces are equipped with cozy seats and tables to fit everyone on your trip, they exude the homey ambiance you need to savor your meal. But there is more to what these amazing areas can offer. You can use them in your free time for indoor entertainment as they are comfortable. Meet here with your companions to play games as you catch up and share drinks.

However you spend your time, you’ll always have a welcoming bed and safe space to gather with the ones you love when you book with Rent Siesta Key.The bedrooms of our 3-bedroom Siesta Key beach rentals are cozy and inviting. You’ll find large beds topped with luxurious linens and pillows that ensure a peaceful sleep. With each room embellished with calming colors and plenty of natural light, these spaces exude the serene aura you need to have sufficient rest and wake up rejuvenated. And for added comfort, these rooms have spacious closets where you can safely store your belongings.

Enjoy the Outdoor Spaces

There are days when having fun from the comfort of your vacation rental is all you will have in mind, and that’s excellent. The good news is that all our 3-Bedroom Siesta Key beach rentals provide the perfect setting for relaxation. With the outdoor patios and decks offering stunning views of the beach and the surrounding area, you’re sure to de-stress and have the peace you seek. Even better, you can use these areas to enjoy an al fresco meal or a night of stargazing. If you are an early riser, these spaces offer the ideal opportunity to meditate and grab the dazzling sunrise as you sip a tasty cup of tea.

Siesta Key 3-Bedroom Vacation Rental

We’re sure we have the perfect Siesta Key 3-bedroom vacation rentals towelcome you and your guests to the Florida Keys. Contact us today to reserve your perfect getaway and then start packing!


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